Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ - Day 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 & 32 - Siquijor 2/3

Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ - Day 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 & 32 - Siquijor 2/3

As soon as I could check in, I went over to Cliff Gardens, my accommodation for the next 5 nights. I also picked up the laundry I dropped off the day before.

What makes this place nice is that at the end of the garden, there's access to a private cliff over the sea. This accommodation wasn't really a hostel, but I slept in a shared dorm. They had one shared 8-bed dorm and 2 private rooms.


The next day, I took some time to write in my personal travel journal, and went snorkelling right before sunset.

I didn't think of bringing snorkelling equipment with me (big mistake) but luckily a roommate was nice enough to lend me hers! And I'm so glad I didn't miss on that because I got to see a turtle right off the side of the cliff!!


The turtle isn't very visible at the beginning, just keep watching!

Once I was out of the water, I enjoyed the once again beautiful sunset.


I then went out to find a place to eat.

When I got back, the group of 3 Filipinos I'd talked to the evening before were just going out to the end of the garden for drinks. They were three childhood friends now in their thirties on a weekend getaway in Siquijor.

It was a super nice evening, we chatted the whole time, and they even taught me a few words in Bisayan, the local language.

The next morning, another roommate I chatted to the night before when she arrived said she and another friend she made a couple days before were going snorkelling, and offered me to join them. I didn't have any fixed plans for the day so I we ended up spending the whole day together.

They were 2 French girls, Talia and Kelly, both solo travelling in Asia for a few months.

After snorkelling, we went to a restaurant Kelly had found on Google Maps. It was a bit hidden away, lost in little roads, empty while we were there, but with a great view over the island.

After a nice lunch, we went back down to the city to get a massage. It's a pretty common thing in the Philippines to have a massage.

Talia and Kelly had already booked it the day before, but the massage place had a free masseur for me so I could also get a massage at the same time.


We were all feeling extra sleepy after the massage, so we just went back to Cliff Gardens and sat down for drinks and a chat. We also got to enjoy the sunset again.

We also had dinner there later on in the evening.

The next day, Talia needed to get closer to the city on the north of the island to catch a ferry back to Cebu, so we went to have breakfast at her previous hostel further up north on the island. That meant she would pay a bit less for a ride back to the port.

After having this delicious breakfast, I left to go to other waterfalls.

These were the Lugnason Falls. The main attraction is a 5 metre high jump into a waterfall at the start, then we can walk upstream to see 12 other smaller waterfalls. They also named them with zodiac signs for some reason, but I didn't really see the point.

It was a lot of fun, we could either jump from the top of the waterfall or from a swing rope.


That evening I went to have dinner in Baha Bar, a bar/restaurant with live musc every night. That night was classic rock sounds.

The band playing seems to be the same every time, and they sort of half improvise most of the songs, which I think is great because it always sounds good so it shows good musical talent.


The next day I went to a spa I'd seen recommended. It was 900 pesos (~15€) for a massage and a flower bath. The massage was one hour and the bath wasn't limited in time.

They got the bath ready while I was having the massage. It was a proper hot bath on the cliff side, with fresh flowers in the water, and heated by a fire directly underneath.

They even served a lovely ginger and lemon tea. It was very strong but so flavoursome.

The last morning, I checked out in time and stayed to have something to eat until I could check into the next place.