Planning the rest of my trip!

Planning the rest of my trip!

I’ve now been on the road (or rather rail) for 9 days, and I’ve reached the part of my trip where I hadn’t planned anything yet.

So this morning I decided I’d plan a bit what to do next. This plan certainly isn’t fixed and can very well change in the near future.

Currently, I’m in Ljubljana, where I’ll stay for 3 nights.

What I’ve done so far (white lines) and what I’ve got planned (white dashes)

The next stop will be in Lake Bled, a small town situated right on a small lake side, right by the mountains. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this place, it seems to be very popular among interrailers. While there, I’m hoping to do some kayaking on the lake and a bit of walking in the mountains.

The stop after that will be in Brunico. I’ve never heard of that place, I only found it by looking at what train stations were in that area with the interrail app. The train journey to go there is quite long (6 hour trains from Bled), but it seems so very scenic, following a tiny rail line along valleys in the mountains.

Next stop : Salzburg!

Not a huge city but it’s supposed to be quite nice and it’s known for being Mozart’s city.

After that will be Prague. I’ll stay there for 1 night but I’ll take a night train from Salzburg, so I’ll have an extra day there and no accommodation costs.

Friends and people I’ve met here have told me it was a nice city to visit and with a great night life, so I’ll check it out!

Up next will be Berlin!

Capital of Germany, big history (duh) and apparently strong night life!

Then I’ll move on to Hamburg!

It’s supposed to be a very pretty city with lots of canals, and I’ll meet a cousin and a friend there!

After that I’ll stop in Cologne (or Köln for the locals)!

Again, supposed to be a beautiful city with a magnificent cathedral, and I’ll meet another friend there!

Next on the list is Rotterdam!

I’ll be joined there by Arno and another friend (again, I know).

I’ll then be going back to Antwerp with Arno, before moving on to the UK in Nottingham, where I’ll meet another friend!

Writing this, I now realise just how many friends I have scattered across Europe, which makes for great company and cheap accommodation 🫢