Jordan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΄ - Day 4 & 5 - Dana Nature Reserve

Jordan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΄ - Day 4 & 5 - Dana Nature Reserve

On our way to Al-Nawatef camp, we stopped to the old village of Dana in the afternoon. 

The new, now more populated town is Al-Qadisiya, but Dana is still visited, though deserted by tourists at the moment like the rest of the country.


We arrived at the camp in time for dinner, a very buffet composed of a local dish.

After dinner, we went to bed in a very nice room, build in bedouin style, with very heavy and very warm blankets.

Please excuse the quality of the picture, it’s a very dark room! 

The next morning we headed off straight after breakfast to hike along 2 of the trails around the camp.

The first trail started right from the camp, down into the valley below. 

After a little over an hour of walking, we met a shepherd passing by with his sheep. 

In true Jordanian fashion, he was very friendly and generous. He immediately offered us to try riding his donkey, and to share some tea with him.

The hills and wadis of the reserve are a beautiful mix of rocks and plants, with incredibly soft round rocky mountains, but also very vegetated areas.

We met plenty of animals along the way. Mostly those from shepherds, but also lots of birds.

We got to enjoy the sunset on the wadis, right as we were getting back to the car. Perfect timing!


We then went back to the camp for dinner in the common hall like the previous day, then went to bed for the night.