Interrail day 28 & 29 - Rotterdam/Antwerp

Interrail day 28 & 29 - Rotterdam/Antwerp

After a very hectic train journey, I finally got to Rotterdam in the morning, just a bit later than planned. First of all my train from Cologne was cancelled in classic Deutsch Bahn fashion, then a following one was stopped a few kilometres before the dutch border for no apparent reason, completed by a rail replacement bus.

In Rotterdam, I met up with my good friend Arno again.

We spent most of the day exploring the city he knows well, then headed back to his place in Antwerp, Belgium for dinner.

We went out for drinks and a board game in the evening then went to bed.

On the sunday, we spent the whole day exploring the city of Antwerp, found a place for lunch and had drinks in a wonderfully decorated bar.

In the evening, we went to a classic belgian chip shop for some deep fried dinner.

The next morning, very early, Arno dropped me off at the train station before going to work and I was on my way, back home.