Interrail day 11, 12, 13, 14 - Bled

Interrail day 11, 12, 13, 14 - Bled

Settle in because this is a long one!

I left Ljubljana Wednesday lunchtime, got to the station nice and early, took the train and got to Bled-Lesce station around 13.45.

I could’ve taken a bus to then get to Bled, where my hostel was, but I saw online it was around 6€ so I decided to walk. Spoiler alert: the bus ticket was actually only 1.70€, so wouldn’t have made much of a dent in my budget.. I’m still happy with the choice I made, I ended up on a nice walk around rural Slovenia.

Before I even got to the hostel, I already new what I was going to do immediately after. The 2 brits I met in Ljubljana were staying in Bled too, at the same hostel as me! They invited me to go swim to the island of lake Bled! So I just dropped my bags off at the hostel and took my swimming things.

We rented a 4 seater boat for the 6 of us, half swam there and the other half swam back.

The water felt surprisingly warm, 24°C according to the hostel receptionist. We had the boat for an hour but swimming to the island took about 20 mins so we had a bit of time to have a look around the island.


That evening, we had pizzas, but the restaurant was full so had to take away. We were almost all staying in the same dorm so we ate there.

As we went to bed, we said goodbye to those who were leaving the next morning.

The next day we took a bus around 10 to go to another lake 30 mins away called Bohinj. By then, 3 of us were left.

Jezero is Slovenian for lake

We got off at the last stop to walk to a waterfall. It was all beautiful, but we were surprised to have to pay to go all the way up to the waterfall. I’d say that’s the downside of Bled and its surrounding. Everything is beautiful, but they seem to try to make money out of absolutely everything. In this case, we paid the student price of 2.50€, but I did find it steep for what it was.

We walked back down and started to look for a place to stop for a swim along the lake.

We found a nice spot where other people were also enjoying the water. The water in this lake felt much colder than in Bled.

Right as we finished getting dressed again, it started chucking again. we were off again to find some place to shelter, and found a very big hostel with a bar, so we stopped for a drink and some card games.

That evening, we cooked together, and stayed in the kitchen to chat and drink with another solo traveller, German this time. We ended up in the bar playing an intense game of table football.

The next day, we left the hostel at 10 to walk up to a viewpoint over the lake. It’s a very popular viewpoint, but we didn’t find it too busy, probably because it’s a fairly steep but short hike.

The view up there is absolutely incredible, totally worth the small effort, especially because it’s one of the few free things there are to do in Bled.


After admiring the view, we said goodbye to Noah at the bus station in Bled, went back to the hostel for some lunch, and went for one last swim in the lake.

This time we went to the Olympics center. They’re hosting a triathlon event this weekend, but access was still free on the Friday.

I then said goodbye to Izzie and went back to the hostel rest, pack and write a blog post.

This morning, I took off at 8.30 to get to the station for the train at 9.21. I took a wrong turn at one point and ended up at the castle on the top of the hill. I also got scared I couldn’t get through to the station because of the triathlon, but still managed to get to the station time, only for the train to be 30 minutes late…!

But let’s keep the rest of that story for next time :)